Art attracts us only by what it reveals of our secret self. Alfred North Whitehead.

Outdoor Garden Murals - Art Imitating Life

Outdoor mural of the Florida Everglades.Outdoor garden murals for meditative gardens and poolside retreats areas. Hand painted murals turn a concrete wall into a piece of art and quickly improves your outdoor garden and landscape.

Outdoor garden murals are an interesting challenge. An interior mural is contained by the dimensions of the room. It is almost the reverse with outdoor garden murals. The surrounding plants and sky are the features that frame and set the dimension, so the painting has to incorporate the scale and changing nature of the great outdoors as well as the personal scale of the audience. “Even though the mural is outside, by changing a blank wall into something of color and design, the space of the garden or poolside gets even larger.”

This particular mural is next to a pond in a small garden area. The early morning setting of the Everglades added a peaceful, retreat feel to the area. The realistic palm trees were framed by real palm trees when the landscaping was completed, so the painting became an intrinsic part of the garden.

Garden Landscapes With Wall Mural

Outdoor garden mural accenting a garden.This wall mural was painted on the rear of the neighbor’s shed that backs on to a front entryway. By painting the mural on the unsightly cinder block wall, an oppressive entry area was changed into an elegant garden. The statuary and landscaping were added by Thomas to change the entry way into a garden. The potted plant in the foreground echoes the vase in the mural.

The neighbors on the other side thanked the owners for painting the mural. The owner of the shed decided to have another wall mural painted on the side facing him.